Place a Classified Ad

How to Place a Classified Advert

  • Step 1a:
    Calculate the length of your advert using our “Advert Length Calculator” found below

  • Step 1b:
    Copy the advert wording you have entered into the “Advert Length Calculator”.
    (You will be required to re-enter the advert wording on the next step. Copying the advert wording will allow you to paste this into the required field displayed on the next page.)

  • Step 2:
    Select the relevant advert type from the list found at the bottom of this page, and proceed with the steps outlined on the page that loads.
    Please remember to “Paste” the text as outlined in Step 1b, into the relevant field on the page that loads.


If you do not have access to a Credit Card, Online Banking or if you would prefer not to pay online, please Click Here to send us your advert directly.
We will contact you regarding payment.

Step 1: Advert Length Calculator

Please enter your intended advert wording into the block below, this will help you calculate which advert category you will need to select in Step 2.

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Step 2: Select Advert Category