We offer display and classified advertising, and you can book single classified ads online.

Classified advertising

Ads cost between R25 and R55 per insert (an insert is one insertion in one issue).
You can book a line advert online at 35 cents per character here.

Display advertising

We offer a wide selection of sizes and positions, ranging from one column wide and one centimetre deep to full page.

View our display rates (incl. of vat):

Size/Positions Cost
Third page (page 3) / Back page R2 950.00
Front page R3 400.00
Centre R5 000.00
Inserts R380.00 per thousand


1 col/cm = 4.6cm Price 2 col/cm = 9.8cm Price 3 col/cm = 15cm Price
2 R84 2 X 2cm R168 3 X 2cm R252
3 R126 2 X 3cm R252 3 X 3cm R378
4 R168 2 X 4cm R336 3 X 4cm R504
5 R210 2 X 5cm R420 3 X 5cm R630
6 R252 2 X 6cm R504 3 X 6cm R756
7 R294 2 X 7cm R588 3 X 7cm R882
8 R336 2 X 8cm R672 3 X 8cm R1008
9 R378 2 X 9cm R756 3 X 9cm R1134
10 R420 2 X 10cm R840 3 X 10cm R1260
11 R462 2 X 11cm R924 3 X 11cm R1386
12 R504 2 X 12cm R1008 3 X 12cm R1512
13 R546 2 X 13cm R1092 3 X 13cm R1638
14 R588 2 X 14cm R1176 3 X 14cm R1764
16 R672 2 X 15cm R1260 3 X 15cm R1890
18 R756 2 X 18cm R1512 3 X 16cm R2016
1/3 Page
(1 full column)
R1008 2 full column R2016 3 X 18cm R2268

Click here for full rates sheet

Material requirements

For display advertising, we prefer you to supply your logo or other artwork in digital format. We accept JPEG, GIF, TIFF, EPS, CorelDraw 9 or Microsoft Word files, as e-mail attachments. And of course, we will make up adverts to your requirements at no extra charge. Please contact us with queries and for instructions on how to send us your material.

Terms and conditions

Simple and straightforward. You can read them here.